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  • How Do Customise My Product?
    Product customisation is currently only available with certain products Clutch Covers Ignition Covers Reservoir Caps More customisable products are COMING SOON! To customise a product, first; you will need to add the required product to your basket. Then follow what is stated in the description of that product under the “CUSTOM ENGRAVINGS” tab. Only products showing this tab in the description are customisable. If required you can upload supporting images and text documents showing logos, fonts and text placements. This can be done by scrolling to the bottom of ANY product page and uploading the images/documents. Make sure to include your name so we know who you are. The more you include the better! Still got a question? Email us at
  • When Can I See My Customised Product?
    Once you have purchased a customisable product and you have submitted all the required information (i.e., Engraving Text, uploaded Images/photos/text documents and Included supporting order notes) our design team will get to work to create a mock-up of what your product will look like. As soon as it is ready, we will send it across to you using the email that you provided at checkout, so please make sure its right. We will await you to confirm the design so please get back in contact to let us know what you think. The sooner you let us know, the quicker we will be able to send it out. Still got a question? Email us at
  • I’m Having Trouble Submitting Supporting Documents?
    Please make sure you have logged in. If you don’t have an account with us yet, you can create one by clicking log in and create an account in the top right hand of this page. If you are logged in please check that you are uploading an image to the + image upload and a document to the + document upload. Also make sure the correct file formats have been used Please also make sure that you have included your name before clicking submit. Before continuing to checkout please wait for the SUCESS message to appear. Still have a question? Email us at
  • I Can’t Buy The FIR Product I Need On This Website, Even Though It’s In The Catalogues?"
    This website only includes a select range of the FIR products that are available. Please use the catalogues to find the part you are looking for and then use the dealer locator to find your local FIR dealer. Already a parts dealer, fill in the available for to become a FIR dealer. Still got a question? Email us at
  • Out of Stock? When Will They be Re-Stocked?
    We will try our best to ensure all products are kept in stock. When an item is out of stock this means you will not be able to purchase it. We are unable to give any exact dates on when items will be restocked, however; feel free to drop us an email and we shall see what we can do.
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